Boon is actually the only SAT word that I remember from studying back in High School. The simple meaning on the back of the flashcard vivid in my memory was "blessing." An old friend and I called each other boon because we loved the sentiment. I've always wanted to be able to do what I do best and put it to a good cause, give back. It sounds silly, but I didn't really know how or where to start. Always thinking I'd have to wait until my brand blew up and I had sufficient funds. 

Then, I saw it. A friend had added a Breast Cancer Survivor sticker to her Facebook profile. Something clicked in my mind. I had already whipped up some fun pink earrings and had not yet named them. Why couldn't I start right here, right now? It's breast cancer awareness month after all! And so, there you have it. Boon Baubles were born. We may not be able to give as much as we'd like or nearly what big power companies can, but it's a baby step. A step in the right direction.  

My friend gave me that light bulb and inspired this thing. Because that's who she is.

Without further adieu, meet our very first Boon Bauble design, 

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