Boon Baubles

Boon Baubles · November 23, 2019
As I sit down to try and wrangle what I want to share about Brooke, I feel overpowered with emotion and also concerned that there is too much to say. Brooke is so many things to me. She’s a cousin, a sister, a best friend. She’s someone whose company I’ve cherished and enjoyed time and time again.

Boon Baubles · October 12, 2019
We had only been living in Texas for one month the day I met her. She was the first friend since moving who initiated conversation with me before I did. This was a rare occurrence and continues to be, I tend to take the lead when it comes to meeting new people. It was a compliment on my pants, pants that I still own and love. I had already noticed her. She hadn’t been in our class before.


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